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On Media Player Classic, the background sound is louder than the speaking when I play a movie or DVD.?

08/31/2011 08:00 by MikeChin

I recently downloaded a .iso movie online, but when I played it in Media Player Classic [or any other player for that matter] the background music and sounds were much louder than the foreground audio, or when a person was speaking. How should I fix this?
First answer posted by Kimplex at 08/31/2011 08:00
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9 Answers
  • Kimplex
  • Just to clarify, Media Player Classic is not the same as Windows Media Player. MPC is freeware.

    I think the problem lies in Windows's idea of what kind of speakers you have. Go to Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Volume tab -> Speaker settings -> Advanced. Make sure Windows's idea of your speaker configuration matches reality.
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  • Anonymous user
  • yaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa i find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just run it with windows media center
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  • Anonymous user
  • I know this is an old post, but just incase someone stumble upon this page while google-ing the solution, go to View -> Option -> Audio Switcher. Enable Normalize. This will level the background and speaking volume.
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  • Anonymous user
  • Thank you! The normalize option fixed the problem :D
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  • Anonymous user
  • Thanks a lot for the normalize option ! 
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  • Anonymous user
  • Fixed by installing anew without keeping old settings. Then:

    View/Options/Intenal Filters/Audio Decoder/Mixer tab/Enable Mixing/Output on mine is stereo.

    That completely normalized the audio background and voice.  Try playing with these settings to match your output speaker setup.

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  • Anonymous user
  • OMG bless you who gave the normalize option. You saved me even 3 years later! 
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  • Anonymous user
  • I looked in the menu and normalize was already checked. 400% and regain volume. Still having issues with dialogue being too quiet.
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  • Anonymous user
  • Yeah, a little thread necromancy now and's a good thing.  But Kimplex for the win, mostly.  The clue is that the background is louder than the dialog no matter what player is open.  Make Windows' settings your first stop and fiddle with the Properties and Configure buttons until you find out what works best.  I did that for a while, *then* went to MPC's controls to get everything to play nice.
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