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How do I make a playlist on Media Player Classic?

08/31/2011 07:56 by SaideeDay

I can't figure out how to make a playlist on Media Player Classic, and I'd rather not download a new program, as downloading things takes forever on my computer. Can someone please tell me how to make a playlist/add songs to a playlist on Media Player Classic?
First answer posted by PPrashanth at 08/31/2011 07:56
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2 Answers
  • PPrashanth
  • Go to:
    -View (on media player tool bar)

    This will open a window named playlist where you can drag and drop media. You can build your playlist here by dragging the content that you want. To save: right click in a blank space anywhere in the playlist window and select "Save As..", save the file and that will be your custom playlsit.

    Note: you could alternatively open the playlist window by pressing "Ctrl+7" (Ctrl and number 7 key).
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  • Anonymous user
  • شكرآ جزيلا لكم
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